UL-1326-01 | 275B Valve Spring 12.75mm lift

£12.60 each (incl. VAT)

The 275B valve spring is a single beehive valve spring with damping suitable for 12.75mm of valve lift. This is suitable for use with the standard Duratec spring retainer. We also offer 20XE and Ford Zetec spring retainers and platforms to suit this spring.


  • Maximum lift: 12.75mm.
  • Recommended fitted length;  36mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Spring Rate: 39N/mm (222lb/in) +/- 5%
  • Force at fitted length: 215N +/- 8.5%
  • Force at minimum length: 715N +/- 5.0%
  • Coil bound length: 21.8mm
  • Outer diameter: 27.5mm
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