UL-1420-01 | 276D Valve Spring 14mm lift

The 276D valve spring is a double valve spring suitable for 14mm of valve lift. Ultimate Performance offers spring retainers and platforms for the Duratec, 20XE and YB for this valve spring.


  • Maximum lift: 14mm.
  • Recommended fitted length; Outer Spring: 36mm, Inner Spring: 35mm.
  • Spring Rate: 43N/mm (245lb/in) +/-5%
  • Force at fitted length: 300N +/-7.5%
  • Force at minimum length: 900N +/-5.0%
  • Coil bound length: 19mm
  • Outer diameter: 27.6mm

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Additional information

Maximum Lift


Spring Rate

43N/mm (245lb/in) +/-5%


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